Why “MANNA for Mom”?

Have you heard of the Israelites? Yup, from the Bible. They were the recipients of the original MANNA. I think we can relate to the Israelites in a lot of ways. You can read their full story in Exodus, but here are a few points…

  • They had just been saved from horrible slavery under the Egyptians, had seen incredible miracle after miracle as God made a way for them to escape and were on their way to take possession of a new and amazing land God had promised to give them. God had never been anything other than faithful to His promises. But then they grumbled and didn’t believe God would take care of them.

How many of us prayed to have children, for the blessing of becoming mothers? Some of us experienced the absolute miracle of pregnancy and birth. Many of us may have experienced miraculous healing of our babies or their deliverance from painful experiences. And yet, we find ourselves weary and maybe even disheartened in the journey of being a Mom. It’s tough! But God WILL take care of us. Not because of us, but because HE is FAITHFUL.

  • God gave them manna, but just enough for each day. They needed to trust and obey Him and gather it each morning as He prescribed. He provided this sustenance for the full 40 years they were in the desert (Ex. 16:35).

God can and will sustain us for the journey! Isn’t that amazing? On our most grueling days, when the stress is so high we want to hide…forever…He will provide a way. We can trust Him on that.

  • God was testing them to see if they would follow His instructions (Ex. 16:4) to get the right amount each day.

  • When they followed His instructions, then each had exactly what they needed (Ex. 16:18).

  • If they didn’t trust God and tried it their own way, the manna spoiled and was useless (Ex. 16:20).

We still need to take the steps to “collect” His manna and do it His way. God will give us the encouragement, the friend, the support that we need. If we try doing motherhood our own way, without paying attention to His way of doing things, then we won’t reap the full benefits of His provision and support.

  • They were to keep a jar of manna to show future generations how the Lord had provided for them in their time of need (Ex. 16:32).

When God provides, we need to acknowledge Him and share the story with others. That not only strengthens us, but it’s an encouragement to others on the journey.

That is why this site is entitled “Manna for Mom.” We hope we can encourage you on your journey by sharing tidbits of manna with you.