The Prayers of a Mother’s Heart

Whether we spend hours on our knees weeping for the salvation of wayward adult children or send up a million mini-prayers a day for the safety of our energetic toddler, I think that being a mom causes us to connect with our Creator in deeper ways as we lift up our precious children.

Manna for Mom would like to compile some of these deep, tender prayers of a Mother’s Heart into a publication of sorts. But instead of coming up with various topics we might personally pray about as moms, we would like to tap into our community of Moms and get in touch with YOUR true, deep, vulnerable prayers that YOU send up for YOUR children (or for children you long for or have lost or are about to give birth to).

So…would you consider contributing a prayer?

It doesn’t have to be long or fancy or eloquent, although it can be. It can be very specific or more general. It just needs to be FROM YOUR HEART, your true prayer for your children.

It can be concerning whatever you wish about motherhood, but here are some areas that come to mind when I think of prayers we send up for our children. Maybe something resonates with you. Maybe you already have your own ideas.

Sleepless nights, adult children on their own, teen rebellion, praise for the blessing of children, miscarried children, children you had hoped for, adoptive/foster children, future spouse of child(ren), specific sickness or struggle, rejoicing over their achievements, their birthday, for a good night’s rest, for salvation, for character as they grow, children you’ve never held or known, for them at school, protection, bad habits, spiritual bondage, abuse that has happened, thanks for happy moments, grief of a child lost, joy of a child received or healed, tired/busy as a mom, rest in Christ, reflection on personal needs/desires/shortcomings/overcomings, not knowing what to do, blessing for a child’s day or night, and anything else that comes to mind.

The prayer(s) can be based on any emotion, situation, stage of life, age, etc.

What are the requirements?

  1. The prayer(s) must be original (can be one you write just for this or from a past journal entry, etc.).
  2. By your application, you give Joyce Wolfe and Manna for Mom unlimited (though not necessarily exclusive) copyright to the prayer(s). This means that I/we can do what we wish with it/them but it doesn’t limit you to only submitting it/them for our use…you could publish your own prayer(s) elsewhere as well if you desire.
  3. I/we reserve the right to make minor corrections or edits if needed for the prayer(s) to conform to the format of the publication as a whole.
  4. I/we reserve the right to decide not to use your prayer(s) for any reason (ie. it may not fit the topic of the current publication, or may be better used for a later book/product, or we may have enough of that topic, etc.).
  5. You understand that you will receive no monetary compensation even upon publication/production of any product using your prayer(s). If possible, Manna for Mom will try to provide a free copy of any sort of publication to all of the authors included in that publication. Please notify us if we fail to do this for you.

Submission Details:

You can email your prayer to with the Subject Line: Manna for Mom Prayer.

You must include the following information in the email:

  • Your First and Last Name (will remain private)
  • Your full mailing address (in case I need to connect with you by mail – will remain private)
  • Your phone number (only to contact you in case of a question regarding your prayer – will remain private)
  • What name you would like us to use as the Author (your own name or “Anonymous”)
  • Your country of origin (may be mentioned in publication – can be left blank)
  • How old your children are (may be mentioned in publication – can be left blank)

If you have any questions, please contact us at