Quiet Waters for Mom Help Nourish Family and Faith

Inspiration for Moms – Nourishing Family and Faith

As moms, a large part of the responsibility for nourishing family and faith in the home falls to us as we so closely care for and guide our children in the highs and lows that each new day brings. Whether you are at home full-time, at work, or work from home, your children have been given to you by God and their spiritual health will have a lot to do with what YOU do or don’t do.

But that means Momma needs her own refreshment daily. Momma needs to rest beside the quiet waters mentioned in Psalm 23 and to be growing closer to Jesus each day so that her relationship will most naturally rub off on her children and inspire them to also build a friendship with their Savior. (If you’re not sure if you have Jesus as your Savior, click here to check out the basics.)

We’ve put together some Mom-friendly devotions to refresh, energize and, hopefully, challenge you as you embrace your God-given role of “Mom”. They take about 5 minutes to read, with extra passages and questions for you to dig into if you do have more time.

The “Prayers” are simply guides to help you delve into solidly bringing your family before God and inviting Him to work in them to His glory. Again, short and sweet inspirations to get your prayer life revved!

Your children will never have another mom, so while that carries some weight, it is also a great privilege to be a totally unique mom for your kids. You get to be a role model for them and bring them before the throne of God in a way that only a Mommy can!

So we encourage you to MAKE TIME for the most important part of being a Mom.

MAKE TIME for personal devotions and prayer.

MAKE TIME for personal daily refreshment so that you have energy and Satan does not have an easy foothold into the faith lives of your family.

MAKE TIME to battle for your marriage, children and husband in prayer.

MAKE TIME to build into your children’s relationships with Jesus and their trust of Him.

We hope our thoughts can be an inspiration to you in the spiritual nourishment you provide in your home. So, join us in the daily challenge to MAKE TIME for nourishing family and faith. We pray you would be uplifted through these devotional thoughts God has shared with us as your fellow moms in the trenches.

Check out the devotional page and let’s get started…