The Best Parenting Advice Comes From Those in the Thick of It

Something I’ve noticed, as a relatively new mom, is that the long-term memory of other parents seems to have been seriously affected by the squalls of parenthood!

I wonder if the passage of time slowly erodes the long-term memories stored in the hippocampus or if it’s simply a coping mechanism to put behind us those difficult years of early parenting.

I say this because when I talk to moms who are further along the parenting road than I am, it seems they have forgotten the stress of long days and tiring nights or dealing with toddler tantrums and sibling rivalry you can’t reason through.

Now, I do understand that parenting likely gets even more difficult as children enter the adolescent years. Not only do their brains carry out the exact same processes they did during the “terrible twos”…but, as teens, they might have extra attitude to go with it.

Parenting never stops.

So here is the best parenting advice in a nutshell: Take all advice with a grain of salt, discern if it would fit well with your family before implementing it, and pray like crazy for your children to the God of the universe Who created them in the first place and knows exactly how to raise them up to be the unique individuals He intended them to be.

So we, as fellow moms, will simply share with you some parenting insights that worked for us, and maybe some that didn’t. We are all trying to do the best by our children and so we are here to encourage you to try something new or be consistent with something old, but overall to give you a fresh outlook on parenting your child(ren) to the best of your ability and to trust God with the rest.

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