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Understanding Capacity is so important! Our actual capacity is limited. We may go into overdrive and just keep going, but I think we can all feel when we are operating beyond our emotional or mental capacity. Our own capacity is impacted and filled by each and every stressor that affects us (including things like lack … Read more

real life with down syndrome

Real Life Parenting ~ Down Syndrome

The Ups and Downs of Real Life Parenting

Here’s my friend, Sara, writing about parenting a child with Down syndrome…

So, a friend asked me to do a post for her website about being the parent of a child with special needs. She asked me on a good day, so I quickly agreed.

Then, I had a problem.

We had four fantastic days!

I kept wondering how I would write an article about parenting a child with special needs, when he was no different than any other kid.

Then yesterday happened, and I got inspired again…

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rainbow after rain

God’s Grace

God’s grace is a lot like rain, isn’t it? As I tried to take a picture of the downpour rejuvenating our land this weekend, I was reminded of God’s grace. The idea of God’s grace is so intangible in some ways. As a theological concept, we don’t really understand it. And as mere humans, we … Read more