DIY War Room in a Closet – Be Inspired!

Sometimes you just need an inspiring movie to spur you on to do what you know you need to do in life!

War Room is such a movie.

Produced by the creators of Courageous and Fireproof, it is the most inspiring movie I have seen in a long time! If you haven’t yet seen it, I’d encourage you to take some time and do so.

Last year, my husband and I decided to go see it for our anniversary. We wanted to see a movie, but wanted to be sure not to feel we had wasted those two hours of precious date-time. So we decided to see War Room. Great decision!

*Spoiler Alert* The movie was funny and entertaining for both of us, but what struck me the most was how it actually made me want to create my own prayer closet, get down on my knees, and bring my family and my issues before my heavenly Father. Not too many movies move the viewers to prayer! And not too many movies are such a poignant example of the power of God, His great love for us and His very personal interest in our lives!

What is referred to as the “war room” in the movie is, indeed, a closet in which one can pray, journal, and, basically, “war” for their family before an awesome God and against the schemes of Satan.

Seriously, go see the movie! And especially if you are struggling with any situation in your marriage, in your family, in your finances, in your life…go see the movie!! Or, better yet, just bring the situation before your all-powerful and loving God first and then see the movie 😉 .

With this in mind, my sister actually built a sort of “war room” for her husband. That is why this post falls under “Home Décor.” Here are the before and after videos.

Be inspired!