Devotional Thoughts - Bread for the DayDevotional Snacks for Busy Moms

Have you ever heard the term Selah? It’s a beautiful word used in the Psalms that means the musicians were to pause. Some say it was meant as a moment to ponder what was just sung, with no particular length attributed to it.

Do you have a Selah scheduled into your day? Or do you naturally take several as you ponder what God is doing in your day?

I know that many of my own pauses in my day are born out of suspended frustration, or disbelief at what catastrophe just happened, or an exhausted nap when my two-year-old finally settles down, etc.

I need to pause to hear God. I need to quiet my day enough to feed on His Word. I need to commune with Jesus so that I can be rooted in Him and find strength as I do the most important job on this planet – shaping the next generation.

Wouldn’t you agree that’s more than enough motivation to create that elusive Selah in my day?

In spurring each other on towards a deeper walk with Christ, we recognize that carving out the time is trickier some days than others.

So we want to provide devotional “snacks” for you in a way that allows you to have something to ponder for the day. And if you do have time to sit down for a spiritual “meal” with Jesus, then there are ways to dig in deeper. Enjoy!

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” – Psalm 34:8 (NIV)