Understanding Capacity is so important! Our actual capacity is limited. We may go into overdrive and just keep going, but I think we can all feel when we are operating beyond our emotional or mental capacity.

Our own capacity is impacted and filled by each and every stressor that affects us (including things like lack of sleep, too much media, or the stresses we “can handle” and may even be good things). So just because we end up yelling at our kids or getting frustrated with our friend or spouse, that doesn’t mean that it is only the issue in front of us that made us blow up. It is all the little stressors that added up to put us over our capacity in that moment.

And that is why we need Jesus. His capacity is infinite. Isn’t that wonderful and amazing? That is why we need to go to Him daily to dump our stresses at His feet and bask in His grace and then be filled up by His Spirit for the tasks and relationships He gives us to invest in that day.

Daily Manna. We have to go collect it.

What is your favourite way to recharge or favourite place to collect your Manna from Jesus? Consider creating a special place and time today.