10 Minutes Max! Exercise Program for Moms

Coach Terri-Lee brings us “10-Minutes Max!”  A quick, effective exercise program for busy Moms.

Terri-Lee is a fabulous woman who has made it her mission to “weave healthy choices into the fabric of busy life, [and] to empower people with the resources & knowledge that YOU CAN DO IT!”  Her motto is “Ignite Change.”

Here’s a little intro video from Coach Terri-Lee:

You can check out her Facebook Page here.

10 Minutes Max!  That’s all the time we’ve got, right?

Coach Terri-Lee will be putting together a variety of workouts to a variety of music…each intended to only take 10 minutes out of your busy day! If you have more time than that, you can either put 2 or 3 of your favorite workouts back to back or just loop one a couple of times.

Short and sweet!

Each “10 Minutes Max!” session will work major muscle groups, waking them up and getting them into calorie-burn mode!

She has already put together one of these workouts for those of you who enjoy just sweatin’ to heavier music. It’s a focused, easy-to-follow hard-core 10 minutes to get your muscles working and your blood pumping…coming to you from her closet!




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