Cleaning Tips 101 – Bathrooms 😛

“My bathroom’s never dirty,” she said matter-of-factly when I asked her what she did to clean her bathroom. “Right…” I thought as I smirked, ready for her to reveal just how bad her bathroom gets and how she desperately tries to keep up with the destruction and grime left in the wake of her five children and husband clambering for the facilities each morning.

Instead, she went on to very simply state why her bathroom is “never dirty.” What she said made it sound so easy…

“The only reason my bathroom always stays clean is because whenever I leave it I make sure it’s clean.”

Somehow, as simple as that sounds, I am very capable of walking out of my bathroom many times a day without a thought about cleaning it…except the continuous sub-conscious niggling knowledge that it does, indeed, need cleaning.

I’m bad at cleaning and super bad at cleaning regularly! My idea of cleaning is doing the basics the morning before company is expected. Deep-cleaning? Not really on my radar in this season of life. At all. My husband and I have joked before about how we didn’t clean certain parts of our previous house until we sold it and when our old fridge needed a good cleaning…we bought a new one. I know. Pretty pathetic. (Ok, so we didn’t really get rid of our fridge for the reason that we wouldn’t have to clean it…but it sure did need some TLC when it left our house!)

So what is the secret to a clean bathroom?

Ruthless regularity. Can I put it that way? Making a habit of cleaning.

Not exactly the type of habit I intrinsically look forward to building. However, the basic concept of ruthless regularity appeals to me. And I definitely appreciate the end result!

I love the idea that in a few minutes—actually potentially less than a minute—each day, I can have a relatively sparkling bathroom and actually not have to panic if my 2-year-old is in there touching things!!! I could live with that adjustment.

So here it is…

3 Simple Steps to a Pristine Privy:

  1. Purge the Products

Begin with minimizing the potential mess in the first place. Throw out empty and near-empty bottles. Have only the basics in the cupboards or on the counter. The rest can be stored elsewhere. Be sure your children (and husband) know where you’d like them to place their things once they are done using them.

  1. One-Minute Wipe-Down

Each day, once the family is done in the bathroom for the morning, take the hand towel or a rag and wipe everything down. Squeegee the shower if that’s what you prefer to do. Wipe down sink, counter, walls and cupboards, putting things back where they belong as you go. Light switch and door knob as needed, using antibacterial wipes if people are sick. Give the toilet a quick clean-up with an antibacterial wipe as well and swish if the bowl needs it. (Be sure to have cleaning supplies under each counter so you don’t have to run to the other bathroom to gather what you need.)

Note: Instead of antibacterial wipes, I prefer to use an antibacterial spray that I don’t have to wash off, and then I wipe it off with a paper towel. I think it’s a bit cheaper than using pre-soaked wipes, but may add to the time spent cleaning in the long run 😉 .

If there’s water on the floor, you might as well use it and a used towel/rag to give the floor a quick wipe as well. Don’t forget behind the toilet…the towel is going in the laundry anyway.

(Deep-cleaning the toilet or cleaning the mirrors can be part of your regular cleaning schedule at a different time. Just a simple Antibacterial Norwex Window Cloth with water works wonders on the mirrors!)

  1. Remove and Restock

Gather any rags, cloths, towels, and left-behind clothing to toss in the laundry as you head to get any extra supplies that you may need to restock (toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste,etc.). Deliver the needed items to your sparkling bathroom and you’re done!!



If you can do this each day, or even every other day, you are well on your way to having a guest-ready bathroom at a moment’s notice. Just think of the grime you’ll avoid simply by wiping everything down each day!

So have fun and sparkle up your bathroom in record time! It will be a blessing both to your family and your guests.


(I did ask the inspiration behind this article if she would take a quick video of herself doing the wipe-down. She said she tried, but it didn’t work out.

If any of you, our readers, have your own wipe-down method for your bathroom or some quick tips, please leave them in the comments below or fill out our contact form. And if you have a video to go with it, even better!! We’ll feature it on the site!)