Lovin’ Your Adolescents

Simple Ways to Heap Some Lovin’ Onto Your Adolescents

Breaking into the life of a pre-teen or teen and having meaningful conversations can be tough. But it is important for their well-being as well as their feeling of belonging within their nuclear family and in the larger body of Christ.

Below are several simple ways we have found to give our adolescents an extra dose of lovin’ on any given day.

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Teen Thinking through Stress and Depression

5 Tips for Preventing Stress and Depression in Adolescents

5 Tips for Preventing Teenage Stress and Depression

It saddened me to hear my sister recount how her young pre-teen daughter was coming home from school and talking about her friends struggling with stress and depression and suicide. It was even more heart-breaking to hear how it influenced my young niece and ended up dragging her down as well, as she tried to support her friends.

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