Christmas Bucket List

We get so busy over the Christmas season, we forget to be an example to our children of what is truly important. This “Bucket List”  from Simple As That is a good reminder to slow down and engage in the important things that have eternal value.    

Real Life Parenting ~ Down Syndrome

real life with down syndrome

The Ups and Downs of Real Life Parenting

Here’s my friend, Sara, writing about parenting a child with Down syndrome…

So, a friend asked me to do a post for her website about being the parent of a child with special needs. She asked me on a good day, so I quickly agreed.

Then, I had a problem.

We had four fantastic days!

I kept wondering how I would write an article about parenting a child with special needs, when he was no different than any other kid.

Then yesterday happened, and I got inspired again…

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God’s Grace

rainbow after rain

God’s grace is a lot like rain, isn’t it?

As I tried to take a picture of the downpour rejuvenating our land this weekend, I was reminded of God’s grace.

The idea of God’s grace is so intangible in some ways. As a theological concept, we don’t really understand it. And as mere humans, we have a hard time grasping the amazing value and weight of God’s grace.

But I’ve recently been blessed to witness God’s grace touching lives. And I realize that it is much like rain.

It’s hard to capture the essence of it unless you are in it. It’s near impossible to get a good picture of rain unless you can capture it landing on something and see the effect of it. And it’s near impossible to truly appreciate it unless you are standing right in it, being washed–drenched–by it.

Two accounts of God’s Grace

The first account you can read here. My friend, Terri-Lee, was willing to share with us her personal testimony of God’s amazing grace in her life. She was unfaithful to her husband, but through forgiveness and grace, her marriage was restored! It’s a heart-wrenching story of truth. Go read it for yourself.

The second testimony of God’s grace was from a DVD I watched recently, called “Such Were Some of You.”

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My September New Year’s Resolution

I’m not sure if it’s the chill that comes into the air, the noticeably shorter days or just the change of pace that occurs in September, but even without school-aged children, it feels like the beginning of a new chapter, a new period of time.

And so, to me, it feels similar to the start of a New Year…getting back into a more scheduled life after a summer thrown to the wind! A time for re-focusing and renewing commitments.

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