Do You Need Strength and Support for Today?  And Hope for Tomorrow?

At Manna for Mom, we would love to help you find that–strength and support and hope.

Tmanna for momhere is so much pressure to do it all as a mom.

You know what I mean.

Whether it’s diapers, spit-up and tantrums or chauffeuring, curfews and acne, or marital and parenting issues…there are so many issues on your plate!

We want to help.

We want to bring REST and REFRESHMENT to your crazy days! We want to give you GREAT TIPS to ENERGIZE you and SHARE STORIES to help you with your marriage, your parenting and creating a pleasant and relaxing home.

We want to help provide Manna for Mom, focusing on the One Who created both us and our kids. And we need each other. We need to know we’re not alone on this journey.

Join Us…

So journey with us, your fellow moms in the trenches, as we seek to get our priorities straight so that we can figure out some secrets to being the BEST MOMS that God created and blessed us to be. Then we will also feel fulfilled and refreshed and be energized in our motherhood as we invest in the ones we love the most.

Take a look through our site and let us walk alongside you. We want to share with you…

We hope you find the site REFRESHING and full of tidbits of manna!! Enjoy!