Coloring Pages for Mom

Have you ever tried to use coloring pages for Mom to help meditate on and memorize Scripture? I thought it would be so neat to have a coloring page to accompany each week of devotions for that purpose. It would be based on that week’s Scripture memory verse, a relaxing way to perhaps grab a few extra minutes of time with Jesus in the midst of a busy day. It could even be done alongside your child as they color for themselves.

Coloring pages for mom

However, as I searched online for ways to do it, I came to see that there are already MANY adult coloring books based on Scripture.

So, instead of developing yet another, below I have provided links to various Christian Scripture-based adult coloring books found on I invite you to give it a try if you think it would be something that would enrich your times of devotion with Christ.  

For Canadian Moms, click here.  Those outside of Canada can shop below.

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Follow these four steps to be sure that coloring is used as a tool to build a deeper relationship with Jesus and does not simply become another distraction from truly connecting with Him.

1. Choose a coloring book that appeals to you.
2. Take some moments each day to color a page of Scripture. Perhaps you can finish one page each week or find one that applies to your daily devotional or your daily needs.
3. Use those minutes, as you color, to meditate on the Bible verse and draw closer to God. Spend time praising Him and resting in Him. Perhaps the Scripture can be committed to memory as you color.
4. Display the finished pages as reminders of God’s provision, love, and His presence with you.